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 The Garden

Imagine your Inner Voice speaking to you, and saying…

"You have expressed the fact that you often feel that a wall, high and solid, lies between you and your good. It is something that is there that stops your true expression, and you feel that if you could only climb over it, all would be well, and you would be free and able to fulfill your life's purpose. But, it is for you to know that you cannot climb over that wall. Instead, you must go through it. It is for you to become the essence of the wall so that you may know what it consists of. As you do this, you will see the wall dissolve before you. It shall be as nothing more than a gray fog through which you walk, and after a short period of time, you shall find yourself free of its barrier. And once you are through it, you will feel the sun's warmth upon your face. You shall feel its light and know it to be the light of your being as well. You shall gain strength because of this experience, for you in truth, are never asked to experience anything whose design and intent is, by nature, to bring you pain. Such things you only experience by your own doing. The wall is your concept of something you deem difficult and insurmountable. When you face it with love for yourself and with fearlessness, your concept will change. Truly, I say to you that there is no wall that love will not transform, and the experience of transformation will be one of great helpfulness to you always. Do not feel a wall between you and your good, for the wall is only a thing of concept that is clouding, for a fleeting moment, your consciousness. Do not see a wall between you and your good, rather, see a garden. See yourself standing in this garden, resplendent with light and color; alive with beauty and sound. See yourself resplendent as well, as the Child of God that you truly are. See yourself whole, well, and strong; blessed with peace and happiness. See yourself standing on the threshold of your greater good - greater that you have ever known. See yourself poised and free from any and every limitation. As you stand in your garden, let the love of God wing its way to your heart. Feel the love of God pouring out to you. It is a love that frees and uplifts; a love that comforts and endures. In the beauty of your garden, hear the voice of God saying gently to you, "I love you. I bless you. I behold and honor My Presence within you."

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