Native American Spirituality

The Native People of this continent, the Indians, knew that all of life is sacred. All things that live do, so that the sacredness of life might be experienced, expressed, honored, and shared. All space on Earth is sacred. Every inch of Mother Earth holds specifically energized connections to all things that live. These connections, these resonant tones of vibrating energy, act like wavelengths that enable us to tune in to the Whole and in so doing, understand, as well as connect to the Divine Essence that lives within. It is this that speaks of living what one knows; of being on purpose. And it is for us to know that the traditions and teachings of the Native People of this continent were based, not on a set of beliefs or on an interpretation of sacred writings, but on the knowledge of the pulsating rhythm of life that could be seen and sensed all around in the "Book" of Nature. In the chapters of the seasonal cycles. In the passages of the Sun and the Moon. And whose words could be found among the trees, plants, animals, and birds.

Tatange Mani of the Stoney Nation said, "The Great Spirit has provided you and me with an opportunity for study in nature's university, the forests, the rivers, the mountains, and the animals, which includes us."

The Native People of this continent knew the purpose of life, and regardless what we may think or say, in this day and age, said purpose remains the same: to be happy and to dance upon the Earth. This is the key to the unleashing of one's power, and bringing about the expansion and magnification of the Real Self. In bringing to light... in re-membering... in bringing together... in re-presenting... that which allows us to uncover and to experience truth; to come in touch with that which is within.
All we need do to receive this inheritance is give ourselves to looking into the great mirror: simply coming into harmony with Nature. The Native People knew that in coming into harmony with the flow of Nature, a person is able to attain equilibrium between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's own nature. One's closeness to Nature, enables one to be in continual contact with the inner world that is the Self - of that which impregnates all things.

As we begin to reflect our life through the presence of things in nature, of those images and metaphors that are common to all of life, our awareness begins to shift to a more universal perspective. We are looking at ourselves, not only through our own eyes, but also through the eyes of the Consciousness and essence of all life.