Earth Medicine

The traditions and teachings of the Native People of this continent were based, not on a set of beliefs or on an interpretation of sacred writings, but on the knowledge of the pulsating rhythm of life that could be seen and sensed all around in the "Book" of Nature, in the chapters of the seasonal cycles, in the passages of the Sun and the Moon, and whose words could be found among the trees and plants and animals and birds. The Indian knew that it is in coming into harmony with the flow of Nature, that a person is able to attain equilibrium between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's own nature. One's closeness to Nature, enables one to be in continual contact with the inner world of the spirit that impregnates all things.

For myself, the method that assisted me in understanding and experiencing the beauty and substance of Self, it is what the teachings of Native American Spirituality called Earth Medicine.

Earth Medicine is a unique life science based upon North American Indian Medicine teachings, which had their origins in an even more ancient wisdom. These teachings are not those of a particular tribe or group of tribes, but are the essence of a knowledge that impregnated them all. Earth Medicine assists us in developing methods of self- knowledge and self- realization, and explains how the soul puts on a garment of a physical body in order to experience matter and how, according to its position or perception point on the Wheel of Life (The Medicine Wheel), it connects with Earth influences and forces that can further, through experience, its spiritual development.

Earth Medicine is a system of self-discovery; a system of identifying one's potential and of understanding oneself and others. It is also a means of learning how to see things from the perspective of another individual. So it is quite a profound system of psychological understanding and human relationships.

Earth Medicine is concerned with making changes in ourselves in the present so we can have greater control over our own future. Earth Medicine is a looking inside for an explanation of the outside, and is influenced by the ancient concept "As within, So Without."

Earth Medicine helps us to come to know and to understand ourselves. It is a means of discovering hidden potentials so that we can develop them and create for ourselves a more fulfilling life.

Earth Medicine can help us to find meaning and purpose in our lives. It encourages us to accept responsibility for our own life and by so doing, enhance personal freedom.

Earth Medicine helps us to free ourselves from being victims of circumstance, and to gain mastery of our own destiny. Earth Medicine is an aid to taking control of our life.

Earth Medicine is concerned with our connections with the Earth, with the elements, and the Four Directions with which they are associated, and with other forms of life which share the Earth environment with us - the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. These connections act like wavelengths that enable us to tune in to the Whole and to understand the whole self. They also act like "call signs" that enable us to contact the True Self within. The teachings and offerings of Native American Spirituality are based upon the Medicine Wheel. (Click on the icon below to take a journey of the Sacred Circle.)