Scott was born on July 29, 1947, in Keokuk, Iowa. He graduated from Keokuk Senior High School in 1966. During his high school years, his greatest love was theater. In four years, he performed in eight school plays and in four Broadway Summer Stock Musicals.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois in 1970, where he majored in Speech, Radio and Television: writing, producing, and directing and minored in Audiovisual Communications. For three years he had my own late night radio program called Quiet Room, and during his senior year, he wrote, produced, and directed his own television show of the same name.

In 1970, he moved to Denver, Colorado where he began work on his Masters Degree at the University of Denver in the school of Mass Communications, which he finished in 1972. Upon graduation, he worked at the Denver Chamber of Commerce as an Audiovisual Specialist for approximately two years. He then moved to the First National Bank of Denver, where he worked in the Marketing Department as the Director of the Audiovisual Services Section and the Assistant Public Relations Director. In addition to overseeing the development and installation of the bank's new 1.2 million dollar audiovisual presentation/production facilities in 1977, he also supervised a staff of six people, prepared and managed the Section's annual budget, and oversaw the running of the Public Relations Department in the director's absence.

He worked at the bank for nearly ten years and then left to start his own Audiovisual/Video Production Company. In addition to creating and producing a number of one-screen, three-projector slide presentations for approximately seventeen different clients, he was also involved in the creation and production of several brochures, catalogues, and annual reports, as well as completing several independent location and studio photography assignments.

In the winter of 1976, Scott became associated with the Winter Park, Colorado Handicapped Ski Program where he learned to ski three-track. This technique allowed him to take part in the sport of snow skiing while being able to compensate for his inability to use his left leg. From 1982 to 1986, he was a member of the United States Disabled Ski Team and took part in two Handicapped International Winter Olympics; one in Innsbruck, Austria in 1984, and Salen, Sweden in 1986. In the spring and summer months, he was involved in an adaptive tennis program and worked with the Winter Park program for the mentally retarded.

In 1989, he moved to the Monterey Peninsula area in California. At the outset, he did free lance photography, video production work, and worked on the design and installation of an audiovisual presentation facility for a local business. He also spent a good deal of time writing, creating, and presenting a series of motivational programs and workshops. As a result of this work, on October 28, 1990, the Board of Stewards and the Minister of the Pacific Coast Church, conferred upon him the title of Minister of The Pacific Coast Church... "In recognition of his unrelenting work in the field of consciousness and the development of the human spirit."

In January of 2001, after having working on the project for six years, he self published Walk This Way - The Art Of Making A Difference In Your Own Life. Generally speaking, the book tells of his bout with polio and the role it played in helping him come to a greater understanding of himself. He states, "I found that those things that I might have once thought of as being limiting, disabling, or frustrating, were in fact the very things that helped me to grow. But I have also found that we do not need to learn life's lessons through painful encounters only. It is possible to learn through happiness, joy, and sharing. For indeed, it is not what we have lost in life that counts; it is what we have left. And what we have left, we have never been without - the Spirit of our being."

In addition to Walk This Way, Scott wrote and produced a multi-media presentation and accompanying book entitled, The "I" Of The Beholder. He has also written the following: Things In Nature And The Nature Of Things, Walk This Way - A Native Indian Approach to Life, It's All Inside, Love Love Lost and Leftovers, Coming To Course With The Course - A Miracle, Chrysalis, Awareness: The World Around, the World Within, and a movie screenplay entitled, Birdsong On The Wing.

In January, 2006, he received his Doctor of Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute, which is a division of the Positive Living Center of Central California, Inc., and is headquartered in Oakhurst, California.

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