The Seasons


Did you ever possess the desire just to stand
among the trees in Autumn and feel the breeze as
it playfully tosses the wind from leaf to leaf and
from branch to branch?
There is something so gratifying, and yet so
humbling about a leaf falling of your feet.
If you use your imagination, the leaf just lets go
and is carried gently by the wind from the top of
the tree, finally coming to rest on the ground -
beside you.
Autumn is the time of change. The leaves lose their
soft green composure that has been with them
throughout the Summer. And as if in a final
blaze, they color the landscape in magnificent
yellows, reds, and golds.
Then they pass into a long slumber throughout
the cold of Winter.
But never was a dying so brilliant.
Never was a dying so graceful.
No fanfare. Just change.
The coming of Autumn signifies the beginning of
change. While standing amidst the reds and
yellows of Autumn, one truly becomes a witness
to change.
Colors so magnificent. Second only to the setting
of the Sun.


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