The Seasons


It was such a gradual thing this time. So slow.
Change that didn’t seem to want to happen.
At times, nothing more than a mid-Winter’s dream.
The state beauty of Winter had overstayed its
welcome and out-lived its usefulness.
The only hint of its arrival came each evening
with one more moment’s hesitation of the setting
of the Sun.
A slight realization that it wasn’t as cold one
morning as it had been and the refreshing
welcome sent your way by a bird who had
braved the early morning chill. A sound you
wanted to hear every cloud-soaked wintry
As Winter logs on and on, Spring becomes a
state of mind; a desire to see something that is
green and alive. Imagining what it is like to be
shirt-sleeve-free, anxious to experience that first
warm, fresh, new breath of Spring air that seems
to drive all of life into your body.
There are times when one really isn’t sure; almost
as if Nature is somewhat hesitant about wanting
to live up to the promise of Spring.
Hesitant to share Her secret with anybody.
But there is no mistaking, Spring has arrived. I can
feel it in my Soul. The time of a mid-winter’s
dream come true!


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