Things In Nature And The Nature Of Things

  It's All In The Giving

Tilt your bead back slightly and wait. It's not
that it's something new. You know the
feeling. The joy in its coming is knowing
what it feels like, long before it gets here.
The Wind.
Give yourself to it. It is your companion. Your
partner. It is who you, in truth, are.
The breath of the Universe that settles your
soul into the greater pattern of Nature.
Give yourself to the Wind. Heighten your
awareness. Open yourself up. Receive the
messages that are all around you.
Alone, but not lonely. Free. Free to soar
to the heights and touch the Sun with your
Give yourself permission to experience your freedom, to follow the joy that your heart desires.
Give yourself to the wind. As you do, see how
everything that is around you expresses delight in being at its mercy.
The tall grasses that line the hillside are the first
to tell of its coming. The tops of the trees start
their gentle sway. Leaves rustle and fall to the ground, and move along quickly, trying to find a resting-place. A place to stop, to pause and await the next gentle gust of wind.
Even the animals pause from their various
activities, just long enough to catch a glimpse,
take notice, and enjoy.
I hear music when I hear the wind. I lose
myself in the wonder and power of life. The
wind is the symbol of all that is free. My
mind, body, and spirit are One as the gentle
breeze surrounds me.
The wind is, as I want to be.
With the wind, I come first.