The Making Of Walk This Way

The first steps in the journey of Walk This Way were taken in 1992 when I was asked by the Director of the Whole Life Center at the Thunderbird Bookstore in Carmel, California, to give a talk and presentation. In the program I used original text, narrative, verse with accompanying soundtrack, and my own photography to bring to light the concepts of Native American Spirituality through the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and the messages of the Sacred Directions and the Four Seasons. During the presentation I also shared many personal life experiences. The main goal was to give people an opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of themselves, as they beheld the beauties of nature on a season to season basis.

Throughout 1992 and 1993 the program was shown in many places in California with great success. Those who participated found it to be an inspirational event that changed their thinking and their lives. It was after presenting the program to member churches of the Affiliated New Thought Network at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead, California in 1993, that a seminar participant approached me and said, "Your photography is wonderful, but you should really write a book about your life's journey." I took her advice.

At the outset, I wrote the entire book by hand. As I gave myself to the process, I realized that on some level this project was already completed. It was simply a matter of remembering, of allowing messages to come forth from within me. And if these messages were going to come forth with grace and ease, I knew that I was going to have to prepare a place for all of this to happen. I knew that I was going to have to create sacred space.

At the appropriate time, I would give myself to the moment, become still, and create a space for nurturing. I encouraged old memories to come to light. As an experience presented itself, I allowed it to have its way, to embellish itself right before my mind's eye. I would re-member... bring together... re-present... re-create... in-vision. My mind would capture an incident and set the stage, and my heart would set the tone for the unfolding.

All aspects of my being were invited... encouraged... to take part in this sacred ceremony ... this dance. As an encounter presented itself, I paid attention to the surroundings, the people, the faces, the conversations... especially the reactions. As this happened in the moment, the "past" experiences took on a new light. In this space, I was actually able to come to realizations... to become aware of subconscious content that was not present at the time of the actual experience. As this was done, I gave myself, through my own actions, a greater insight as to the sum and substance of my being as I exposed and brought to the surface old beliefs, fears, hidden agendas, dramas, and old tapes.

As the "dance" continued, it became profoundly evident that many of these personal encounters of significance presented themselves at distinctly different times of the year. I also realized that the time of the year had as much to do with my understanding as did the event itself. And as I moved deeper into the experience of love and appreciation for myself, I developed a profound understanding of, and love for, the Earth Mother's experience and expression of Herself during throughout the year and through each of Her seasonal cycles.

The re-creation of these encounters in this form helped me to come to grips with the way I had chosen to experience reality, and in the process, come to a greater understanding of who I am. For you see, my life experiences, combined with the many lessons I have encountered on this path, have helped create my individual story... my own myth. And in this adventure, I found a new and exciting hero in which to believe: I found my Self.

Once the written text was completed, it came time to commit the text to computer so it would be easier to work with, edit, and rewrite. I purchased a used Mackintosh SE Computer, a large screen monitor, a printer, and the appropriate software to create the first version of the book. It was basically a matter of learning the ropes and putting it all together.

In July of 1996, The Independent Book Sellers Association of the Monterey Peninsula invited me to show the slide presentation at an evening performance at the Carmel Art Foundation. I used the opportunity to "test the waters" and see what the response would be to the book Walk This Way. I made 100 spiral bound copies of the book and also prepared mounted and matted photos of selected images from the slide presentation. The response was good. Fifteen books were sold that evening, and in matter of six weeks, I sold the remaining copies, essentially out of the trunk of the car.

In early of 1997, I purchased a HP Pavilion 7285 computer, color monitor, a printer, and a flatbed scanner. I also acquired the necessary software: Microsoft Word, Photo Shop 4.0, Quark Express, and PageMill. I set about the task of reformatting the book entirely. I also located old pictures and did several location photography sessions in various parts of the country to add to the visual content of the book. I finished work on this version in the fall of 1998, and generated copies of the 350 page book on my desk-top computer on a print-on demand basis.

In June of 1999, it became apparent that I could not keep up with the demand, so I applied for an SBA loan to self-publish the 5,000 copies of the book. The loan was approved in May of 2000 and I set about the task of reformatting the entire book so that it could be run and printed on a 4-color, ink Web Press. The books were printed by Alonzo Environmental Printing in Hayward, California using recycled paper and soy-based ink. The books were delivered to me on Monday, December 18th, 2000.

At the outset, I sold books to individuals out of my truck and several bookstores in the Monterey Peninsula area also carried the book: Pilgrim's Way in Carmel, California, The Thunderbird in Carmel, Bay Books in Monterey, California, The Pacific Coast Church bookstore, The Unity Church of Monterey Bookstore, and the Carmel Bay Store in Carmel. I also did book signings in the area, and I made a couple guest appearances on local radio stations.

In November 2001, I acquired an ISBN number for the book and was set to work with But things changed . .unexpectedly. I was told that the remaining funds from the loan would not be allocated to me. I was planning on using the funds to continue marketing and promoting the endeavor. As a result, I did not have access to the books to sell them and things came a sudden stop.

But now the time has come to bring the project back to life so that I can move the message of Walk This Way out into the world and thus give a greater number of individuals the opportunity to experience themselves in a new light. In order to accomplish this, I am seeking sponsors, supporters, and/or financial assistance to help me in the next phase of the journey.

If, after viewing this Web-site, you feel that you would like to assist me or become involved, please don't hesitate to contact me:

If you would like more specific information about the vision and the Walk, please visit the Plans For The Future page of the Web-site.