Walk This Way

The Book

 The book Walk This Way, tells of my own personal journey into experiencing the sum and substance of Self. I contracted polio when I was seven. This encounter played a major role in bringing me to a greater understanding of myself and others as well. I also found that those things that I might have once thought of as being limiting, disabling, or frustrating, were in fact the very things that helped me to grow. But I have also found that we do not need to learn life's lessons through painful encounters only. It is possible to learn through happiness, joy, and sharing. Indeed, it is not what we've lost in life that counts; it is what we have left. And what we have left, we have never been without - the Spirit of our being.

Walk This Way is not just about my experience with the polio though. I also tell of the people of significance (life-teachers) I have met; mystical experiences of prominence and power in nature; and the teachings of Native American spirituality, specifically the Medicine Wheel. All of these things have played an important role in my journey. In this light then, the main thrust of the book and the multi-media presentation is on personal growth, self-esteem, and self-expression.

I encourage people to see and experience themselves in their natural surroundings. As this is done, they give themselves an opportunity to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of who they are. And in the process, they also come to appreciate, acknowledge, and understand the world in which they live, move, and have their being. As we acknowledge and utilize our creative potential to the fullest, we become conscious of the way we have chosen to experience reality, and we see in the world around us a beauty and essence that is but a reflection of - an extension of - a beauty that is within us.

In this light, I believe the time has come to give people the opportunity to break free of old self-imposed patterns that promote nothing but fear and separation; separation from themselves, from the natural environment, and from one another. As individuals, as groups, as business organizations, and as a Planet, we can work together to assure ourselves the opportunity to live life as we were meant to live it. To imagine. To explore. To achieve our fullest potential. To be happy and dance upon the Earth.

The book is 350 pages in length. It contains 154 color original photographs, poetry and verse inserts, and, exercises have been included at the end of each chapter to assist the reader in anchoring and integrating the message of the chapter. The book is printed in landscape format and is 10 inches X 8 ½, soft cover, perfect bound, and weighs two poungs. Even though a page is 10 inches in length, the text galley is 6 ½ inches by 5 inches. This provides a margin of 4 inches on each page for the reader to write down thoughts, reactions, and feelings as they read.