Responses and Testimonials...

from those who have Walked This Way


- "An inspirational story: A testimony to what one person can do when he puts his mind to it and follows his heart." Clint Eastwood - Restaurant at Mission Ranch. November, 2001 

- "I've been a long time listening for the Indian and I didn't know why until Walk This Way found its way to me. I'd been waiting all my life for this book of a journey to guide me as I begin my own Medicine Walk along the Sacred Path. I can feel a changing in consciousness that is opening new doors of expression and expansion. Thank you, Scott Foglesong." Val Shaffer

- "He is a highly regarded professional with considerable expertise in counseling and teaching and to quote from one of the professional who has participated in his workshop, His advice and recommendations over the past five years I have known him have been of significant value to the lives which he has touched." Linda and Elliot Carroll of L & L Services in Venice, California.

- "I want you to know how deeply you have touched my life. The inspiration from your presentation continues to be a moving force in my life." Brad Allen - Real Estate

- "You held everyone spellbound for four solid hours. I watched people when the program concluded and they were totally enchanted. Several people reached out and hugged complete strangers. There were tears in the eyes of some others."
Indira Aslan - Writer and Travel Agency Owner

- "Counselors in all fields would find that clients can immediately respond to the sounds and the sights of Walk This Way. You have captured the workings of the mind and the senses in a presentation that allows the individual to step out of his or her present circumstance and view their world from an entirely new and comfortable perspective. Change in behavior and attitude is made simple and uncomplicated." Dr. Barbara Bebensee - Psychologist

- "The world of spirit is known to you well. You are one who is on the cutting edge - an explorer, an experimenter. You have much to offer the world." Barbara Rollinson, M.S. - Spiritual Healer

- "Your presentation touched me deeply! I was dying from cancer, but you showed me how I can live with it. The terror is gone, because you showed me that I can live with who I am, instead of who I am not. You have given me a very precious gift and I thank you." Jane

- "A workshop/experience that will be a required seminar experience for all, especially as we prepare to move into the next century." Dr. Bill Little, Pastor Pacific Coast Church

- "I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the intimacies of nature, the beauty of our Universe, and the opening of our individual selves to the same." Don Tilly, Pres. - World Peace Center

- "You have created a presentation that allows the individual to experience a concept of life through the senses as an alternative to the sometimes hollow intellectual approach." Juanita Keiser, Dir. - Total Living Complex

- "It is without a doubt, the finest thing of its kind I have ever seen. Aside from the technical aspects of such a production, which were excellent, I was most deeply touched by the material used, and the sensitivity shown throughout. We came away feeling that something had touched the deep and beautiful within us. I feel that all people, no matter their station if life, should be given the opportunity to experience this." H. Fred Vogt, D.D., Retired Minister - Mile Hi Church of Religious Science, Denver, Colorado

- "The evaluations, both written and verbal, were very positive. One man told me that the pictures and the music allowed him to go into deep meditation. Others found it very stimulating to the right brain. One evaluation commented on the romantic approach blended with the intellectual." Elizabeth Semour, Future's Society

- "In many ways your presentation and discussion was the high point of the two-day seminar. The concepts that I have been talking about as far as creativity is concerned, were certainly reinforced through your presentation." Jacquelyn Wonder Co-author of the book, Whole Brain Thinking

- "You made me open my eyes and find my inner being. You did not know me, only my name. I have found my Divine Essence again, and in this rebirth, I am a new man. Your presentation is the most beautiful experience that I have ever felt. This is the me I have always been. You have awakened in me an inner power that is so strong and so deep, that no one will ever take this away from me again. I respect your wisdom and feel your love for all the good in humankind. May the Sun always shine on your face." John, Railroad worker in western Nebraska

- "It was like meeting myself and seeing me through another's eyes. I don't really have any words for it. Only that it was powerful! I had an incredible healing of some very personal, overwhelming truths. Thank you." John - Workshop Participant

- "Oneness. Love. Peace. Unity. Beauty. Freedom. A program that is, I believe, a demonstration... a manifestation in the physical of one man's total commitment to Spirit." Jerri - Seminar Participant

- "The news about your book thrilled me to my toes! I read this piece by M. Field last fall and was just waiting for the right time to give it to you. It says it all. 'When a thoughtful and imaginative mind, moved by a compassionate spirit, and by a belief in the beauty and dignity of the human soul, feels it necessary to put into writing its ideals and ideas, then the result must be a book distinguished because of its depth and strength of conviction, Its moving and persuasive feeling, its attempt to discover and make articulate eternal values." Val Wheeler - valued friend and teacher

- "I am grateful that you were able to share your gifts at the workshop in San Diego. You have powerful medicine --just waiting for those who are ready for it -- or very much in need of it. Thank you, too, for reminding us in such a powerful way -- through your words and presence -- that our task is simply to be who we truly are. I sense that you are one of those few men I have met who knows exactly who he is. Not only is that refreshing, it gives me great hope. I had heard that you were wonderful, that your work was wonderful -- and you were, and it is! Thanks for being." D.J. Ryan - Seminar Participant

- "Your medium is being. Whatever your presence touches, increases life. You see and don't have to draw. You are an artist at being alive." Phil Mosoff - Guitarist and Musician

- "There is no turning back. There is no stopping. There is no tomorrow. There is no compromise. It is here. It Is now. It Is always. And it must be done. For when the merging takes place, there is left no space... to deny or ask why???... You are you - an individual who has made the choice - Listened to your inner voice. I see. I feel. I hear. grok. I pray. Bless your precious soul. The Universe awaits for you to unfold." Pamala - Seminar Participant

- "You are the ever present now - able to set aside yesterday; but to realize maximum growth from those experiences; willing to soar, and anxious to soar above all others on spiritual wings of tomorrow." Eve - Founder of Mackintosh Academy For Gifted Children in Denver

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