Copyright © 1997 by Scott Foglesong
Copyright Number: TXu 831-471

 I dedicate Walk This Way to all of the people… and places… that are presented in these pages. I thank each one of them for their assistance in helping me realize that I have been a long time searching for what I have always had—in mind.

 Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 - "It's Not What You've Lost That Counts."
Chapter 2 - And All Of This Is You
Chapter 3 - Running In Circles
Chapter 4 - Oh, I See Now
Chapter 5 - Is Someone Letting The Air Out?
Chapter 6 - For Heaven's Sake, Turn It On
Chapter 7 - I Just Wanted To Get Your Attention
Chapter 8 - Howling At The Moon
Chapter 9 - Mr. Outrageous
Chapter 10 - "Believest Thou This?"
Chapter 11 - The Child Within Comes Out
Chapter 12 - The Great Love Affair
Chapter 13 - Leaving No Stone Unturned
Chapter 14 - Coming Full Circle
Chapter 15 - "It's A Small World, But Not For Long."
Chapter 16 - A Blissful Pool Of Silence
Chapter 17 - Angels In My Midst
Chapter 18 - And What Are You Going To Call Yourself?
Chapter 19 - You've Got To Know Where To Look
Chapter 20 - The Treasure Is Revealed
Chapter 21 - Credit Where Credit Is Due
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