“Scott goes walking down by the Carmel Beach, regularly... pretty much every day. He goes to see the River. And he comes back and we talk. We go out and have coffee and we share. And he tells me about his experiences there. And I love this. Because, you see, he is a lover. He is in love with life. He is having a love affair with all of life, and because of this, he sees the face of God in Nature. When he walks, he sees the Ocean as himself. He sees the trees as himself. He sees the animals as his own being.

“He will walk down by the beach, and the rocks, right at the shore line just next to him, are carved with the essence of life. He sees the Turtle. He sees the Eagle in the rock. And as he is walking, the Hawk circles... just because it is his friend. Just to say hello. The animals love him, because he realizes that the animals are himself. Animals come to him because, you see, there is nothing in him that would create difference, or create distance. He sees the animals as his own being, and there is no fear at all... so they come to him. He walks on the Earth with a sense of integration. It is very beautiful. And it is very rare... to find a being that is in tune with reality. And... Scott is.

“And this is what happens when you are in love. Nature teaches you. Nature reveals to you who you are. For you see, to Scott, his body does not end with the skin. It goes on... and on... and on. He embodies it all. And this is the way love is. Love is integrated. It’s not analytical. It takes everything and it says, ‘This too is the One.’ Scott says to the world, I want to see with the eyes of love... with the eyes of the Heart.

“To Scott, there is just being in love. I think he is one of those enlightened beings. He is a lover of life. He is a lover of reality. He is a lover of his own life, as well as the life that he sees everywhere. For him there is no grasping, only releasing. He is not interested in analyzing anyone. He is interested only in being what he knows he is, and that is love. Through him... it... love... just radiates its Nature. And because of this, he lets everything be what it is. For he knows that It is already perfect. That is the energy and the nature of love.”


Introduction given by Dr. Bill Little, Minister of The Pacific Coast Center For Creative Living.